Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daydream Believer

Project: Up-cycled Picket Fence Sign

Ever since I was a kid I would wake up on Saturdays and lay in bed staring into space for what seemed like hours.  

It would be 10am before I got up for the day.

What did I do for all that time?

You know...daydream, replay conversations, plan my To Do list.

Then when I had babies there wasn't any time for daydreaming under snugly blankets.

But time passes and now those babies are 7 and 5. 

They get up, come give me a quick kiss and then they are off to play and run and be boys.

So, lucky me...I have some of my daydreaming time back.

How to Make an Up-cycled Picket Fence Sign:

{1} Find some old weathered picket fence pieces.

{2} Have the hubs cut it to size. 
That is if you aren't terrified of the chop saw like me. Then by all means do it yourself.

{3} Cut the words out of sticky vinyl on your cricut.
{4} Put eye screws in  the top.
{5} Add wire.

Hanging Tip:

Hold a sewing pin to the wall to see where you want to hang the sign.
When you figure out the placement push it into the wall a little.
The pin will remind you where the nail goes and the little hole will get the nail started.

The end result?  Well, let's just say the hubs keeps talking about it every time he sees it.  I think he is in love!

Honestly, this Miner adjustment makes me swoon too!

These days I could daydream until 10 a.m., but it feels like a waste of the day.

Maybe I am growing up.

8 a.m. is the limit and when I walk into the bathroom there is a nice little reminder of why I should be up.

Rise and Shine

….be awesome.
...have a great day.
...give hugs and kisses.
...get things accomplished.

There will always be time for daydreaming next weekend!



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