Monday, December 15, 2014

Twirl and Take A Bow

Can you believe that Christmas is only a little over a week away? Are you finished with your shopping? Your wrapping? I am about half way there. I wanted to be finished a couple weeks ago, but I lost my mojo.

I think I was too busy reading all the great blogs that link up with us every week.

Enjoy the inspiration!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Owl Always Love You

Have I mentioned that my mom is super crafty?  Sewing and knitting mostly, but over Thanksgiving vacation she found a great idea on Pinterest and put it into action.  

I would have helped her, as I love to get crafty too; however, I found some free moments to go out and see many wonderful friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. 

And staying friends with smart, beautiful women that live many hundreds of miles away is a craft in and of itself. 

I would be lost without those souls in my life.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Party Time. Party Time. Excellent. {Twirl and Take a Bow}

I loved "Wayne's World" when I was a teen. Especially the part where they pretended to be Laverne and Shirley. It was such a fun and silly movie. Did you see it and love it as much as me?

And let me say...there is also a lot of fun, with none of the silly in Robin's features this week.

How's that for a segue? Corny, I know. Or maybe I am just delirious from all the gift wrapping I have been doing.

Anyway....{long awkward pause}....enjoy the inspiration!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Twirl and Take a Bow Linky Party

Did everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving! Hopefully it was fun and you ate lots of good food! I spent part of my holiday under the house in our crawl space fixing a burst pipe. Yes, you heard it right, I Lesley, fixed a pipe under my house. I have to say I actually surprised and impressed myself. 
I wonder how many neighbors heard me screaming "I DID IT" from under my house? To find out all about this adventure make sure you have subscribed to our email. Tomorrow I will go in to great detail about the one tip/tool that could save you thousands! Subscribe here. Mom on the other hand spent the weekend cutting down limbs with her new favorite toy. Check out her new toy by Mantis. You have to get one! 

Sawing the branch

In other news our elf "SCOUT" has reappeared from the North pole to monitor Jude's behavior and report back to Santa. Needless to say that Elf ain't got nothing on Jude. He honestly could not care less that the Elf is watching him. In fact I think the Elf has made things worse in some ways. Jude loves seeing his new hiding spot in the morning but I believe he's honestly a little creeped out by this whole charade.
I asked the kids in my class today if they had an elf and if it had appeared this weekend. They all confirmed that they each had an elf but some have not seen him/her make their appearance yet. 
Do you have an Elf? It's ok to say you don't ... but if you need an idea for an elf scroll down and check out our features.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

20 Pound Turkey, Please Twirl and Take a Bow

On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving dinner for my husband's side of the family. That morning the hubs got up...cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen floor and then proceeded to make a fabulous feast!

{If you think I didn't would be mostly correct.  
I did; however, set the table and make the gravy}.

He was so proud of himself for finishing with time left over to take a nap.

Then it started to rain. And it was only 33 degrees out, so we all know that freezing rain doesn't follow too far behind.

We crossed our fingers that our family wouldn't cancel. We crossed our fingers that the rain held off.

Lucky for us, most everyone else was able to get here and we were not left to eat a 20 lb turkey all on our own! Can you imagine?? And it was delicious!

I know that Thanksgiving isn't officially here, but in my mind, we are finished {don't worry, Mom and Dad we are still coming for dinner on Thursday}.

So I am feeling more Christmasy these days. Our elf is even going to show up here today, I just have a sneaking suspicion.

Let's see what you have been working on! Enjoy the inspiration!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All ‘Bout the Tile, ‘Bout the Tile Not the Mantel

Ever get a song stuck in your head and you just can’t shake it?

Maybe it is playing when your clock radio alarm goes off in the morning and you start humming it in the shower through sleepy eyes.

Then you get in the car and flip through the channels only to hear it again right at the chorus.

The kids scream, “Leave it here!”

So you leave it hoping against all hope that this will cure you from singing it for the rest of the day.

It never does though, does it?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby, It's Getting Cold Outside

Twirl and Take a Bow Linky Party

The temperatures around these parts are dropping and I don't think I was built for winter, but I can't picture myself living anywhere else. 

Today's features were picked by our guest host and my new blog friend, Laura

I bet she would agree with me about the weather as she lives in my area too and we stumbled upon each other by chance.  It is always so much fun to meet other bloggers that live near me! And I hope I can work with her again.

Enjoy the inspiration!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Twirl and Take a Bow Link - Up

Hello everyone! If you're not familiar with me, I'm Leslie and I blog at House on the Way. I'd love for you to pay me a visit. I've just re-worked my blog a bit and I'd love to know what you think about the new layout.
House on the Way

I'm so excited and honored to be choosing this week's party features. There were so many amazing projects, crafts, DIY and recipes shared....WOW! You guys are so talented.
It was hard choosing just a few. I could have done a furniture feature...or a Thanksgiving feature....or a Christmas...or a craft...or a recipe... You get the idea. So to get a little bit of it all, I mixed it up and grabbed a little of each.

Enjoy the inspiration and be sure to share again this week. When you link up once, it shows up on 7 blogs! We have our 6 regular hosts and our guest host, Laura from The Unique Nest. And next week...she gets to choose the features!
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