Sunday, October 7, 2012

30 Day Spending Freeze - Part 4
Week 3 Check-in

We are 3 weeks into our spending freeze.  One more to go!  I made my list of things that I want or need.

Things that I want...

  • a new purse for fall
  • a white picture frame for Little Monkey's Room
  • some new clothes
  • to eat at a restaurant

Things I need...

  • a haircut
  • sneakers

Making a list puts it into perspective for us.  After our freeze, I won't go out and buy all of those things.  That would make saving this money a wash.  I will probably put some of it on my Christmas wish list.  I will get a haircut though.  I don't know how I show my face in public!

But really the list of things I want or need is not that long.  I really do have everything that is necessary.  And I have noticed that I am spending a lot more quality time with my kids because I am not waiting in the check-out line at Target.  That is an amazing feeling!

Here is our spending for the week...

B's field trip for school  
Gas for car # 1

Gas for car # 2

Groceries (for 2 weeks)
Cell phones

Karate for the kids


Weekly Total:

Total spending since 9/16:

Think we can do it?  I don't think we will need to make any Miner adjustments to our $1500 spending limit.  It's getting close to the total, but I have faith that we won't go over.

Have you made a list of needs and wants? Try it. I promise you will feel better.

Enjoy the day!


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