Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hey Girl,

                  A Valentine's Day Tribute

If you are a Pinterest addict enthusiast, then surely you have seen the "Hey Girl" quotes floating around with Ryan Gosling. They are a blast!

Here's one in case you haven't seen them...

I cannot take credit for the images. They were taken by the very talented Ashley Brown Photography.

Let there be no mistake, I love all of these images. I can only take credit for the dripping love, sarcasm, sincerity.

Thanks, babe!

That hubby of mine is such a nice guy!

Isn't he the best?!?

What a guy! I think I'll keep him.

Happy Valentines Day, Matt! I love you!

You can find my over at the Hey Girl Party:


  1. hahaha, aww what a keeper! :) You have such a beautiful family! I loved these!

  2. Great "hey girl" post and I agree, you have a beautiful family!


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