Friday, October 18, 2013

The Three Amighosts….

Growing up was a lot of fun for me. I had these 2 girl-friends. We have known each other our entire lives. 

We all only lived about 2 blocks from each other and way back then....we were inseparable.

The corner of Prichard and Cayuta Ave was right in the middle of our houses. Each of us came from a different direction so of course, that is where we would meet to walk to school together.

Then after school on our way home we would stop at this corner and continue to talk for what seemed like hours. If it was our lucky day we would all go to one of our houses for more giggles and snacks and hanging out.

Sometimes though one of the three amigos had to go home to do work and the other two would continue on or say, “Talk to you later" and all go our separate ways.

But you could be sure that even though we spent most of our days together we would also be on the phone at some point in the evening.

Do kids sit and talk on the phone anymore?

Do kids sit and watch "Beverly Hills 90210" with their bestie on the other end of the line and even though they aren't saying anything for the better part of 
60 minutes they know exactly what the other one is thinking?

Do kids do homework together over the phone 
or at least tell their moms that they are working on algebra together?

I have a feeling that pastime is extinct.

But I will always have fond memories of growing up with my 2 amigos.

How to make your own 3 Amighosts:

{Sidebar: My mom and dad totally rock! 
They are the ones who actually made these for us. 
I was thrilled with this cute little gift!}

Scraps of wood
White paint
Black paint or black sharpie

If the wood isn’t painted, paint it white.

{These were left over composite pieces that were already white}.

With a pencil draw on the face.

Paint or sharpie in the eyes and mouth.

That’s it! Aren't they boo-tiful?

Now, 20 years later, I guess you could say that I am the amighost with the sad face….because I live 250 miles away from my gal pals.

We are all busy with husbands and kids and careers and Zumba and making Halloween costumes and watching The Big Bang Theory or Grey's Anatomy or The Wheel of Fortune.

We do get to see each other on occasion though. 

And quite honestly, when we do it is like we are all just 3 little amigos again....standing on that corner giggling and whiling away the hours.

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