Saturday, March 8, 2014

After posting some pictures of my master bedroom, I got a ton of emails asking about my duvet cover.

Where did you get your duvet cover?
Did you make that duvet on your bed?
Who made your bedspread?

If you can believe it....I am the maker of this duvet cover.

Yep. This little semi-city gal turned mountain dweller can sew a mean straight line.

My mom {she rocks} also helped me with this project about 4 summers ago.

Finding the perfect comforter design in stores or on-line was an impossible task for me.

After scouring the special order fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics everyday for two weeks, I finally found the perfect pattern and ordered it.

Now here is the kicker….I have a hard time committing to a design.

I know what you are all thinking...
"You, Trina? Not able to decide? I never would have guessed it!"

But it's true. So. while I waited for my lovely fabric to come in, I started to worry that I wouldn't like it anymore.

2 weeks went by.

Then 2 weeks turned into 4.

Finally the call came. My fabric was in.

{Secretly...I almost totally forgot I ordered it, it took so long. I blame Mommy Brain}.

Luckily, no Miner adjustments were needed for this project. I still loved that fabric and got right to work.

I really should seek some professional help for my indecisiveness.

Any-who... in case you ever find the perfect fabric and want to make your own duvet are the instructions.

How to Make a Duvet Cover

Supplies Needed:
1 flat king sized sheet {72" wide x 84" long}
Fabric {5 yards}...that measures 54" x 180"
Sewing Machine

The fabric is only 54 inches wide, so we had to place two pieces on top of the sheet, side by side, to make it the correct width. 

Line up your pattern and pin the two pieces together up the middle. {You have not pinned it to the sheet yet}.

After you sew it up the middle, make a hem along to bottom edge of the fabric {this will stay open to put in a comforter}.

Next, pin the rights sides of the sheet and fabric together.

Sew around the 3 sides leaving the bottom open to put in your comforter.

Cut the top 2 corners at a diagonal above the seam line {this makes the corners more crisp and pointy when it is turned right side out}.

Turn it inside out and put in your comforter.

Homemade Duvet in about 3 hours

There was even enough fabric left over to make the decorative pillow. 4 years later, I am still in love this fabric.

Sweet Dreams!


  1. What size is your bed..King or Queen? I have used flat sheets to make curtains to match my bed linen. I like this idea. I have a king bed, and I like draping bedspreads. So I am thinking I can take this idea and add contrasting or matching strips from another sheet matching the bottom layer and gather it to the duvet cover so that it hangs from the sides of the bed to the floor, making a spread. Thanks for the idea, and I love your fabric pattern.

    1. Hi Francene. My bed is a queen and I used a king sized sheet for the duvet. I like you idea, I think that could really work to make it longer on the sides!

  2. This is such a beautiful project! I am a beginner with the sewIng machine and this looks so lovely, it might inspire me to try it out to cover up some ugly older comforters we have!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I feel that if you can sew a straight line, then you could make this.

  3. How does it stay closed? Buttons, velcro, zipper, ties, pocket?


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