Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kitchen Update with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

My neighbors moved in across the street almost 2 years ago, but I met them before they closed on the house.  They drove up one summer evening while I was walking down the street and we just started talking...for like an hour.

Right away I knew that we would be friends. Carol and Mark are from Texas and have that wonderful southern charm that sucks you in like a bear hug. They are warm and welcoming and I couldn't ask for better neighbors/ friends.

So this past summer when they decided to makeover their outdated kitchen I was all in to help.

Almost nothing makes my heart sing more than a good makeover. 

A couple cans of paint, some girlfriends to chat with, a couple hours, days, weeks and there you go….instant beauty.


Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan {The color used here is Old White}
Paint Brushes by Annie Sloan
Clear wax by Annie Sloan
Dark wax by Annie Sloan
Buffing cloths {although I have found that cut up t-shirts work really well too}

This process was a first for all of us, {no sanding or priming required} and you really can’t mess it up.  

 Trust me….we thought we did.  

The first time waxing with the dark wax, came out a little too dark… muddy brown water. where did the pretty old white color go?

But here is the trick….if you don’t like the color or wax effect just rub on some more clear wax and the dark will come right off.  Even if it is dry...just like magic!

The look Carol wanted was to "dirty up the edges".

Here is another beautiful thing about this paint and wax…unless you took a screwdriver to your cabinets, the paint will not chip off. Not even on the laminate sides! After waxing the Chalk Paint® and letting it dry it is on..

All in all it took us about 2 weeks of working, on and off, to finish the cabinets. Then they did the back splash and got new granite counter tops.

I won’t lie….it was a big project and 4 or 5 people helped.

However, it saved a ton of money and we had a blast!

I hope that my friendship with these lovely people lasts as long as the paint color does....which knowing this paint that will be a very long time!

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  1. did you take the doors off? or just paint over the hinges? thanks! it looks great!

    1. Hi Michele! Thanks for stopping by. They took all the doors off, but didn't paint over the hinges. In person it looks as good as a professional paint job.


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