Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover: From Playroom to Relaxing Retreat

We love spending time with our family, especially since we are spread out all over the state and country. We love to have everyone come visit at the holidays and last year was no exception. 

The problem though?  We didn't have a proper bedroom for my brother and his new wife.
And my brother and his new wife are now expecting their first baby. We couldn't be happier for them, but that is a dilemma.  

How could we have them sleep on an inflatable mattress for 4 nights?  

No question about it...we just couldn't. 

So we made a few Miner adjustments and the upstairs playroom {formerly my youngest's bedroom, the boys now share a room} was sent packing down to the basement.

As I started thinking of bedroom makeover ideas, I knew, for this room makeover, I was going for easy-breezy feminine with a hint of masculinity.

What exactly did I do to this room?  Surprisingly, it wasn't as big a job as I thought. 
First, we went through all the toys and donated or sold the ones the boys didn't want. Then we moved the rest downstairs.

We got a memory foam matress and new comforter set.

I switched the brown curtains and with white sheer ones that have embroidered flowers on them.

I hung the world map as a faux headboard and left the built in desk as is, and dressed it up.

From the office of: this is totally bothering me and I have to get it off my chest...
 The map isn't crooked. I actually used a level and it is spot on.  
I think the pillows are crooked making the map seem off.
Ah! That feels better.

It was already painted, so I left the wall color and hints of green accents alone.

I am still debating on the picture molding color...what do you bold or does it still work in the space?

My brother and his new wife loved the room and rested comfortably {well, as comfortably as you can when you are pregnant and far away from home}.  

And I have to admit it is such a relaxing feeling to see this lovely space instead of the toy mess every time I walk by this room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour....we're now taking reservations if you want to come stay for Easter! {wink, wink}.

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