Saturday, September 26, 2015

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vanity Makeover

hello towel

Hello! Sometimes you have a regular old maple vanity in the bathroom and it works. It does the job of holding your toothpaste and hairbrush and razor. Then you realize that something may be missing, besides the mascara or toothbrush.

It's missing a real personality. 

I lived with that lackluster-no personality-did its job only-vanity for 11 years.

And that was really boring. {See the picture? Boring}.


I couldn't even commit to drawer pulls or knobs. Yikes!

So this summer I took action. I painted the walls white....bye ugly cream that actually looked yellow. And then I bought some Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan to do a vanity makeover.

No primer is needed to use this paint.

Quick Tip....clean your piece of furniture with Krudd Kutter first if it is in an area where you may have spilled lotion or anything that would make the surface feel greasy.  The paint will stick better.


First coat....Graphite

I thought I was done. Even put on the handles. But it was a little too dark for the space.

Second Coat...Clear Wax...blend in, buff out

Let the wax sit for a couple days to harden, or in my case....6 weeks.

Third Coat...1 part Old White, 2 parts Pure White. {Pure white is difficult to work with, b.c it is missing an ingredient that the other Annie Sloan colors have...adding the Old White will give the paint a little umph}.

With a light grit sandpaper {270} sand the areas that you want the first color to show through.

Fourth Coat...Clear wax...blend in, buff out

Why two coats of wax? It helps the paint from scratching off in this high traffic area. 2 coats is double protection.

Wait another couple weeks and then add your hardware...these handles are from Target.

front angle

And there you have it. Instant personality.

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