Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"We Have got to Stop Meeting for Hellos and Goodbyes"

Girl’s Night Out was last night! We sure had fun. 
Not the going out to a club and dancing till dawn kind of fun. 
It was the - go to an Italian family style restaurant, sit at a big table chatting, chatting, chatting until the 
bus boy kicks you out because they closed 30 minutes earlier - kind of fun.  
And I know that we could have sat there chatting for a few more hours.

(source unknown)

You see this was a bitter sweet occasion. One of my friends (my sorority sister as we all are at that table for 7) is moving to South Carolina this week.  So it was our finally girl’s night out with her, at least for awhile. 
At one point Ruth said, “We have to stop meeting just for hellos and goodbyes.” 

And I think…what else is there?
Hello Friend. 
Good Bye Friend. 
See you next time Friend.

As we were all talking and laughing, I looked around the almost empty restaurant.  Across the room there was an old woman sitting alone at a table.  Clearly, she couldn’t have come to the restaurant on her own and her companion was away from the table. 
She didn’t even seem aware of the fact that she was sitting there alone.

My first thought when seeing this woman was “I do not want to get that old!” 
I had a pang of sadness and panic. I wanted to run and hide.  
Then I looked back at my friends, my sisters, and I thought about all the wonderful memories we have made in our 16 or so years of friendship.  
And I thought about all the good times that we will have in the future.

Life is short.

Yes, I know…Captain Obvious here. 
But I need to make a few miner adjustments to my thinking every now and then. 
I need to enjoy more of this beautiful life.
I need to look at other moments like it is Girl’s Night Out. 
I truly am so thankful for this wonderful life that I do not deserve.

And Amy, as you make your life adventure new again, may you also look at it as a Girl’s Night Out! 
 Have fun! We’ll see you soon!


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