Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Eviction Notice to Clutter

Dear Kitchen Junk Drawer,

I am writing to inform you that you will not be welcome in this house. This is unfortunate {for you}.
This is your official eviction notice.

We are organized individuals trying to sort out the clutter of life.

You make the clutter double and in some cases triple. All of those paperclips, twist ties, pens without tops, expired coupons and dried out markers need to go.

Instead we will all have our own space to store the stuff that does not have a specific home.

This space will be labeled and in perfect working order.

A tip that I am sure you can learn from.

So, please pack it up and move along. Do not let the door hit you in the you-know-what on the way out.

Thank you.


Management at "making a few Miner adjustments to the clutter"

PS... If you would like to learn how I made these chalkboard tags go here.

Disclaimer…we currently nor have we ever had a junk drawer in this house. However, we have had them in the past and they make my cringe.


  1. We have a junk drawer and you think I am anal??? LOL! Those baskets will also collect "stuff".

  2. Great idea - would love for you to link up at Empty Your Archive. We have a special focus this week on decluttering and organisation, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x


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