Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Did on my February Vacation 

Pantry Makeover (Part 2)


Imagine white sandy beaches and clear blue water as far as the eye can see. 

Imagine a chaise lounge close enough to the water to dip your toes in while you sip a fruity "mommy needs a drink" drink with a pretty little umbrella.

Imagine feeling the balmy breeze blow through your hair as you read a fabulous book.

Imagine...because I didn't do any of that. 

And it was all good, because we got stuff done. 

A ton of stuff as a matter of fact.That TA-DO list is almost TA-DONE.

Maybe you remember, or not...that's OK...I started a pantry makeover in August. That is where it ended though. And then we thought about doing a kitchen renovation which would eliminate that pantry all together. But like I said laid plans.

So what is wrong with the pantry? 
Just about everything.

{You've Got Wrong Stuff, Pantry}

  • We never finished the tile because we were going to rip all of the crap-tastic pantry out. So, at the time it was not necessary.
  • When we built the house, all the walls were "painted". And by painted I mean glorified primer. In 9 and a half years we never got around to painting that space. Naughty home-owners.

Oh, how I love this pantry now. Never thought that could happen.

The floors? Are they still that gross linoleum?

You can find the answer to those questions here.


PS...This pantry makeover cost $0. Who has a whole gallon of perfectly good paint sitting around? This gal.

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