Friday, August 9, 2013

{Day 5} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

Have you been noticing a change in Mother Nature in the past couple of years?

It is very unsettling. I mean, it's August 9th and usually we are sweltering in humidity and sun....escaping to the beach to swim and play.

But lately, it has been chilly and today as I was looking out the window I noticed something.

Something that I shouldn't be seeing for at least another 6 weeks.

Can you see it?  Red leaves! I shudder at the thought of Fall coming NOW.

So instead of thinking about that, let's pretend those red leaves aren't there and look at the last 4 blogs on our blog tour for this week, shall we?

Meet Fisher.

Nope, it's not Tammy's puppy, but a dresser that she rescued from a dirty old barn. And I love it.

What a great job she did with this makeover at Circa-1929.

Amy over at A Nest For All Seasons invited us into her home for a house tour.

What a lovely place to live...from the open floor plan, to the pool, to the very fun shed that I would want to go hide-away in!

I really need to get going on my house tour and I think this is the motivation I needed.

Remember how I said that I love a good chalkboard? I am a teacher after all. I think chalk runs through my veins.

So when I saw the chalkboard from Elegant Nest that Laura made from a frame, I started to swoon.

It is fantastic, especially her hand chalking...I give that a gold star!

Saratoga, NY is near here, so August is track season around these parts. Horses, horses, horses.

And while we don't make it to the track very often, I would love to go to this Polo Picnic that Christina from PennyWise created.

Doesn't it look so inviting? I can hear Julia Roberts now, with her fist in the air!

So there you have it...the end of our blog tour.

And like every summer turns to fall and the leaves start to change, I have been changed by the lovely ladies that I have worked with this week.

A special thanks to Julie {Lilacs and Longhorns} for putting this tour together. She had short notice and pulled it off flawlessly.


  1. Awesome post! I am definitely not ready for fall...even though I love it! Thanks for a great week!!

  2. Don't you dare use that four letter word!!! We only just got summer here.

    Great post, happy Friday xox

    1. It really is a four letter word! Thanks, Anne!

  3. Wow What a great round up post!
    So happy to be included in this tour!

  4. Trina it is just as weird on the other side of the world. We have summer when it should be winter. What has happened to Mother Nature?
    Great post :)


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