Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Blog Tour

Sometimes when you least expect it, things just fall into place. 

Last week I met Laura from The Unique Nest. I got absorbed in her blog...there are so many great ideas!

As I read further and we emailed back and forth, I learned that not only does she have the same middle name as me, but she is also a teacher and lives only an hour away! What a small world!

I was thrilled when she invited me to participate in the DIY Blog Tour. Laura is super sweet and her blog rocks! I particularly love her deck makeover.

Thank you, Laura, for inviting me to join in this blog tour!


Now for my interview...

What are you currently working on?

This year for my birthday I asked for my hubby to re-tile our mantel surround. All we have left to finish is the grout and modeling!

Does anyone else out there ask for home improvements for birthday presents too?  
How does your work differ from other of its genre?

This is a really difficult question. I look to many other bloggers for inspiration. Pinterest is also another great place for ideas.

I try to put my own personality into a project even if it something someone else has done already. I also look around at what I need or truly love. I don’t really make things just to write a post.

Why do you write/ create what you do?

When I had my first son I stayed at home with him for a year. I have to say it was pretty lonely, so I started reading blogs.  I had no idea what a linky party was or how to work with HTML.

Then a few years later I thought, “I could totally do that.”

I am always making projects and redecorating my house. I wanted a way to showcase that and hopefully give some inspiration to my amazing readers!

How does your writing/ creating process work?

Whenever I have a new project I always try to think of a story that would work with it. Circular writing is my favorite, so my stories usually end up where they began.

If you have been reading for a while you have probably noticed that I always put my blog title in the story somehow {my favorite part of a movie is when they work in the title, so it just seemed natural for me to do that here too}.



Let me introduce you to two fabulous DIY blogs that you really should visit. 

I'm Megan from Home Made Ginger and I'm a former elementary art teacher turned DIY blogger.

I have 3 young girls and love to keep my creative juices flowing by doing some DIY home decor projects, sewing and crafting tutorials, kids art projects and coming up with family friendly recipes. 

I am passionate about finding beauty in the ordinary!


My name is Jodi Jackson and I blog over at glittered barn LLC

I love doing DIY projects and of course all things glitter!! 


Thanks for joining me today. I hope you fall in love with these blogs as much as I have!

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