Monday, April 1, 2013

No Training Wheels

5 Minute Fix for Uneven Candle Wax

My oldest son started reading around age 3. Listening to him made my heart sing {I am a reading teacher, after all}.

And he made it look easy....a natural.

But when it came to riding a bike without training wheels, he gave up. It scared him.

I don't blame is definitely scary.

I am hoping that this is his year though. I will bite my nails all the while he is learning. I will pray that he doesn't fall and skin his knee.

I just know in my heart of hearts that soon I will see him zooming up and down our quiet little lane in the summer sun.

So, when I got our good Calphalon pan out and started melting candle wax in it, my husband's eyes popped out of his head.

He was scared.

I could hear the thoughts in his head, "What are you doing? That is my good egg scramblin' pan! Is that wax? Oh My..."

And can I tell you a little secret? Lean in close and pinky swear you won't tell anyone, pretty please?

I was scared too.

I didn't have training wheels. I was just flying by the seat of my pants, hoping I didn't skin my knee with this little project.

But never all worked out! I was able to even out the candle wax and hubby's pans are still scramblin' eggs.

Here's how to make a few Miner adjustments to your candles in about 5 minutes:

Clean Up Tips

Dump water, while it is warm, in the garbage or throw away container...not down the drain.

Do not put cool water in the pan before all wax has been scraped will harden the wax and make your job way more time consuming {yes, I did that and I was less than thrilled}.

If you accidentally cool the wax onto your pan, just put some more water in it and put it back on the heat to melt it again.

Zooming down a quiet, sunny lane...

Thankfully,that is what I am doing right now.


Disclaimer: This blog and its writers are not professional wax handlers. We cannot be responsible for what happens to anyone else's egg scramblin' pans. And we are not sure this will work in a pan that is not nonstick. Do this project at your own risk. Then go make breakfast.

PPS...Bike riding of May 17th 2013, both my 7 year old and my 5 year old have figured out how to ride their bikes without training wheels. And they did it in a day...they are amazing!

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  1. Ah I've been burning candles and just pushing the wax inwards as it gets warm. It takes way too long so I'm definitely gonna try this instead!

    1. Hi, Farhana. I used to do that too and it does take a lot of time. Happy Day!


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