Monday, July 22, 2013

A Six Word Love Story…His

The night I met him was a sweet summer night.

I didn't know it at the time, but 16 years later I have come to realize that his heart’s six-word love story was written that night.

After meeting him at my favorite fraternity house, we went downtown to play darts and talk.

The whole of the conversation eludes me...maybe I was super nervous because he was so cute or maybe it has just been too long to remember all the details, but I do remember this part...

He leaned in to take a closer look at me and asked,

“What color are your eyes…hazel?”

“No, they're green.”

{Was I ever glad that I had on my green tank top to match them…a winning combination in my book. Phew, I did pick the perfect outfit!}

Without a moment’s hesitation he continued,

“Oh, well then if your eyes are green…will you marry me?”

I almost spit out my drink.

My heart skipped a beat.

I forgot how to breathe.

Time stood still.

And then I replied, “I can’t. I don’t even know your last name.”

“It’s Miner. Matthew Miner.”

Hmm….well now what? Did that mean I had to change my answer to yes?

For all I knew, he could be an ax murderer instead of a grad student who was just about to finish his very last day of school. 

For all I knew, he could be on the run for tax evasion. 

For all I knew, he could already have 3 wives and was just pretending to be a cute, sweet, single guy looking for love.

For all I knew...

Then I got the best information a girl could get.

As we sat there, my friend 
with whom I trusted my life {as he did save it one other time, but that is an entirely different story} came up and said,

“Matt is a great guy.  You need to get to know him. I can’t think of anyone better for you.”

He slapped Matt on the back and walked away.

That settled it.

My nerves went away.

It was all I needed to know.

Later, after he drove me home he looked into my eyes, leaned over and kissed me.

The first real girl…he is the one…this is where I want to be forever…kiss.


I may have said no to his first marriage proposal that night; however, the universe was about to give us a thousand more sweet summer nights.

And eventually, if a boy looks into a girl's eyes long enough…she is bound to say yes.

Stay tuned for my story…tomorrow.

And if you are curious as to where the six-word love story idea came from...check this out.

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