Saturday, July 6, 2013

There's a Mouse in the House!

Remember how excited you were on the last day of school or at Christmas or on your birthday when you were a kid?

Maybe you even still feel that way…I sure do.

Of course, I wanted my boys to feel that excited for our trip to Disney World. 

We took our first trip last week and what an amazing adventure it was.

However, I don't think they quite understood how magical it was really going to be before we left.

So I made a few Miner adjustments to the Elf on a Shelf…

instead we had a Mouse in the House.

Two weeks before we left for Florida,
Mickey Mouse visited us and left the boys a note welcoming them to Disney. 
He also told them how excited he was that they were going to be visiting.

He even reminded them not to touch him, so he wouldn't lose his magic.

Each night he moved around the house.

He even left a couple small Disney trinkets to get the party started.

And on the last night before we left, 
the boys found Mickey sitting on a couple of Monsters Inc t-Shirts; 
both matching, so that they could wear them on their first day in the Magic Kingdom.

This simple idea really did get the party started and the magic in their eyes was a gift for me, as I am sure it will not last much longer {sniff, sniff}.

Are you going anywhere special where you could make your own version of our “Mouse in the House”?

I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Yes, yes, thank you. Great idea. The wee folk of Ireland will have to pay us a visit before we journey to see their island. Maybe we will do a gnome in the home. Hmmm.


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