Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men...
A Christmas Sneak Peak

Down deep in the back closet of the basement there are boxes and boxes of ornaments.

There are ornaments from my childhood.

Ornaments from when I first got married.

Ornaments from when my babies were born.

And ornaments from in between.

Not too many, just the right amount of ornaments.

This year; however, we decided to do make a few Miner adjustments. Much to my boys dismay, we didn't put any of those ornaments on the tree.

(Insert whiny voice here..."But mama what about the red train? We have to put on this star!"...sorry boys, not this year. Insert maniacal laugh here.)

We went neutral and although the house was in total chaos with boxes (OK, it still is in total chaos), the tree is coming together nicely.

So here is to Peace on Earth and hopefully, no more chaos...well once the boxes are gone!

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