Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Make Hanging Book Shelves

(Made by my dad)

{A rerun with new images}

My dad is a master wood worker. It's true.  He would probably say otherwise, but he's just being modest.

He converted his garage into a wood shop years ago 
and when he isn't at the golf course you can usually find him in there.

He has made breathtaking pieces of furniture and we are lucky enough to own some ourselves.

Kinda feels like we won the lottery...
yay, free furniture!

Anyway, a few months ago dad was cutting some wood on the table saw.

After 22 years of doing this, it was just another ordinary day of woodworking.

But that day ended differently. very. differently.

Although the blade of the saw is only just visible above the table, for some reason, 
as he pushed the wood through his thumb got in the way.

What?!? His thumb?!? NO!!!

The blade cut his thumb, but don't worry...

it is fully functioning and still attached to his hand.

This is a blessed moment of luck, I believe. A warning to us all...power tools do not discriminate.

So what does this have to do with these book shelves, you might be asking?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

But let's face it...having hanging book shelves are way better than a hanging thumb.

Now hold onto your fingers!

Here's how to make the book shelves...

Thanks for making these, Dad!

We give this project....two thumbs up!

I'm hanging out over at:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love that Boy…

Love that boy
like a rabbit loves to run

I said I love that boy
like a rabbit loves to run

Love to call him in the morning
love to call him,

“Hey there, son!”

          -Walter Dean Myers
                   *First stanza

We're just trying to enjoy the last bit of summer vacation around here.

These days are fleeting. 

And although the kids {and I} can be cranky at times….I know these days are numbered.

Soak up the sun, friends!

Friday, August 9, 2013

{Day 5} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

Have you been noticing a change in Mother Nature in the past couple of years?

It is very unsettling. I mean, it's August 9th and usually we are sweltering in humidity and sun....escaping to the beach to swim and play.

But lately, it has been chilly and today as I was looking out the window I noticed something.

Something that I shouldn't be seeing for at least another 6 weeks.

Can you see it?  Red leaves! I shudder at the thought of Fall coming NOW.

So instead of thinking about that, let's pretend those red leaves aren't there and look at the last 4 blogs on our blog tour for this week, shall we?

Meet Fisher.

Nope, it's not Tammy's puppy, but a dresser that she rescued from a dirty old barn. And I love it.

What a great job she did with this makeover at Circa-1929.

Amy over at A Nest For All Seasons invited us into her home for a house tour.

What a lovely place to live...from the open floor plan, to the pool, to the very fun shed that I would want to go hide-away in!

I really need to get going on my house tour and I think this is the motivation I needed.

Remember how I said that I love a good chalkboard? I am a teacher after all. I think chalk runs through my veins.

So when I saw the chalkboard from Elegant Nest that Laura made from a frame, I started to swoon.

It is fantastic, especially her hand chalking...I give that a gold star!

Saratoga, NY is near here, so August is track season around these parts. Horses, horses, horses.

And while we don't make it to the track very often, I would love to go to this Polo Picnic that Christina from PennyWise created.

Doesn't it look so inviting? I can hear Julia Roberts now, with her fist in the air!

So there you have it...the end of our blog tour.

And like every summer turns to fall and the leaves start to change, I have been changed by the lovely ladies that I have worked with this week.

A special thanks to Julie {Lilacs and Longhorns} for putting this tour together. She had short notice and pulled it off flawlessly.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Don't Quote Me on That...My Blog Tour Day

My grandma was a collector.

She collected crafting supplies and cards.

She collected mugs that she proudly displayed on shelves in her living room.

And she also collected quotes.  I wonder if that was her favorite thing to collect?

Most of the cards she sent me would have a quote written in it that fit the day.

She even started a journal of quotes that she collected for me. Anytime she was in a store and she saw a new one, she would write it down in her notebook and then mail me the piece of paper.

So today, my favorite projects have been paired with one of my grandma's favorite quotes {yes, I still have the journal she started for me}. I apologize in advance...I do not know the authors.


"No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

My most popular post to date is my tutorial on how to make a duvet cover with some fabric and a flat sheet. 

I would make another in a heart beat. This is one of my favorite pieces in my whole house.


"Help Wanted! Everyone in the family qualifies."

Cleaning out the toy box is no small task, but it can be done...with the help of the kids.  

And we even accomplished it without any whining!

Find out how: Clear the Toy Clutter


"A Friend is one who overlooks the broken down gate and admires the flowers in the garden."

We recently finished our front porch makeover. The before was ug-ly. I think now this is my new happy place.

See the Before: Front Porch Makeover


"I have loved you ever since I saw your face and felt the warmth in your hand."

My hubby and I wrote each other six-word love stories last year for our anniversary.

This project tells the story of how we met and started our life together.

Read the whole story: Six-Word Love Story

Last and certainly not least...

"If you want a balanced diet...hold a cookie in each hand."

But, hey, don't quote me on that one.

My buddies today on the "Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour"...

Thursday, Aug. 8:
The Vintage Nest

{Day 4} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

There are so many things that you learn in Kindergarten that should be kept close to your heart for the rest of your life.

One of the most important is to "share".

And I had to privilege to share this day on the Blog Tour with 4 other fabulous blogs...

I am all for making something instead of buying it if I can save a lot of money.  This bracelet from Anthropology is a bit pricey {for me}.


And Lynn from The Vintage Nest created her own Vintage fabric Bracelet.  Very similar idea as the scarf bracelet shown above, but Lynn's artistic design. There is a lot of detail put into this project!

Now Meegan over at What Meegan Makes loves to do a little bit of everything...crafting, cooking, refreshing (that is my favorite thing too).

But out of everything she shared today, my favorite is her coffee table.

 I love a good deal that turns into a beauty when it is made over. Isn't that typewriter fabulous?!?

When an object, that is old and outdated, gets a much needed update... well, that is a beautiful thing.

Tammy from One More Time Events worked it with some thrift store vases and finials.

White paint makes an object sing. And I will sing right along side it! These look great.

Listen, you don't have to ask me twice to look and appreciate a good makeover.

And Evey over at Sweet Song Bird has some really great makeovers.

However, my favorite is her Minnie Mouse Cake. We went to Disney earlier in the summer and we had a fabulous time, so I love this cake.

It is too pretty to cut, but I really want a piece!

If you missed my post of is your chance for my Blog Tour.

What a whirlwind of lovely projects and ideas!

One more day...

Friday, Aug. 9:

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Day 3} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

You know that feeling when you get to see friends that you haven't seen in awhile?

You know that feeling of holding a teeny tiny baby and maybe sneaking a smell of his head?

You know that feeling of contentment...that all is right with the world?

I had all of those tonight and it was wonderful.  Not to mention there were like 15 kids running around having the time of their lives. Heaven.

And now here is a little blog tour heaven for you... 

I doubt there has ever been a chair makeover that I didn't like. And it holds true for these lovelies from Bargain Hunting with Laurie.

Who know you could make bi-fold doors into French doors?

Danielle from 2 Little Superheroes did and they look fabulous!  I have a one closet that I am now thinking about converting.  Wonder if I can convince the hubs?

I used to have a hat box that had a picture of a boy and girl in black and white. However, the rose that the boy was holding was in color.

I loved that hat box.

I used it in my dorm room to store letters from home.

Right now I wish I still had that hat box. I would give it to Amy from Stow and TellU to make into a sweet lamp shade.

Summer vacation is the bee's knees around here. 71 days of relaxing and not rushing around. Oh, wait. I have kids, so it isn't totally relaxing without rushing around, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have found something that could make it even better though....this chaise couch that Kelly from My Soulful Home redid. It is beautiful and fabulous and would look great on my deck.

We talked about renovating our kitchen this past spring. Unfortunately it didn't happen. It just wasn't in the cards for us at this time. Have no fear...I will revisit this idea soon enough!

And quite honestly this kitchen redo by Denyse from Glitter, Glue and Paint is so pretty! I adore the back-splash. It makes the kitchen complete!

So I wonder, at the end of the day...what makes your feel content again? 

Did any of these projects inspire you?

Tomorrow is my day!

Here are my partners in crime...

Thursday, Aug. 8:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Day 2} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

So we meet again.

Do you have your wine or ice cream?

Let's relax again after a long day with some lovely projects. Shall we?

Jessica over at Designers Sweet Spot has decided that having her own blog gives her all creative control. I couldn't agree go, girl! Her favorite project.... fancy shmancy garden decor!

Who doesn't love a great bathroom makeover? Anne over at Design Dreams by Anne did hers all by herself! 

Right down to the studs...ripped it all out with her bare hands. 

Well, I don't know if it was her bare hands, but she sure did a fabulous job!

Our next stop is pretty awesome in my book. I love chalk {being a teacher and all} and I have a chalkboard above my fireplace mantel.

But Jeanette {from Country Design Style}, she put a chalkboard inside her mantel! A mantel she made herself! And oh, that drawing...makes me wish it was Christmas already.

Writing a blog is an amazing honor and oh so super fun! But can you imagine writing a blog and a magazine.

Well, that is just what Kerryanne, from Shabby Art Boutique, does.

I can't even imagine how awesome that must feel! Head on over to check out her first 2 issues.

It's hard to think about pumpkins right now, but that is because I am knee deep in summer vacation. 

However, the shabby chic pumpkin, over at Cupcakes and Crinoline, is a winner in my book. I would love to have that one my dining room table at Thanksgiving! Hint, hint, Mary Beth ;)

That's all for today. Oh, wait...I am running low on ice cream...can you bring some tomorrow? Thanks!

Wednesday, Aug. 7:

Monday, August 5, 2013

{Day 1} GettingCreative at Home Blog Tour

Let’s do a little recap over a night cap.

Get a glass of wine or {in my case} an ice cream cone. 

Find a cozy spot to sit.

Got it? OK, I knew you could sit back and relax…feels so good, doesn't it?

Please enjoy the beautiful projects that have been shared on today’s…

“Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour” 

Kelly from Copper Roof Interiors did a really cute table makeover...Union Jack style.  Fabulous!

The Crafty Woman revamped her kitchen in a lovely and fresh way.  I adore the paint color on the pantry door! Reminds me of Spring.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for Chevron.  It is a trend that has really stuck around. And Kim from Colors Mixed Together made a darling sign using that trend. She even teaches you how to do it yourself!

Claire from The Rustic Pig didn't give us just one, but four projects that she has been working on.

And while I love them all…I want that Front Porch Swing.  It’s a beauty!

I’ll have to cry into my ice cream cone though, because my front porch isn't wide enough for one. 

And last, but not least, for today…Julie from Lilacs and Longhorns shared her dining room makeover. 

It’s neutral, but warm with just the right pops of color.  

The china hutch is a fabulous shade of blue. And I do think that the gingham on the chairs might make my heart sing!

Did you finish your wine? My cone is pretty much gone and I'd really like another one, but I'll wait 'til tomorrow.

Why don't you meet me back here...same time, same place and we'll check out the next five projects on the tour. 

Night, friends!

Tuesday, Aug. 6:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

Sometimes you walk along the aisles of Target and see the perfect picture frame for a gallery wall at home and you know it was meant to be yours.

Sometimes you see a dollar bill on an empty sidewalk and think, “This must be my lucky day!”

Sometimes your hair looks so good that it puts a spring in your step.

And sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and everything just comes together.

That is what happened to me yesterday.

I was in the right place at the right time when some new blogging friends decided to put together a week long blog tour. 

The goal is to introduce you to new blogs and new projects. 

These blogs are seriously amazing!

Please join us for...

We’ll be here all week.

I can’t wait to see all the outstanding projects that everyone has been working on, because sometimes you just need some new inspiration.

The Schedule:

Monday, Aug. 5:

Tuesday, Aug. 6:

Wednesday, Aug. 7:

Thursday, Aug. 8:

Friday, Aug. 9:

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