Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Did on my February Vacation 

Pantry Makeover (Part 2)


Imagine white sandy beaches and clear blue water as far as the eye can see. 

Imagine a chaise lounge close enough to the water to dip your toes in while you sip a fruity "mommy needs a drink" drink with a pretty little umbrella.

Imagine feeling the balmy breeze blow through your hair as you read a fabulous book.

Imagine...because I didn't do any of that. 

And it was all good, because we got stuff done. 

A ton of stuff as a matter of fact.That TA-DO list is almost TA-DONE.

Maybe you remember, or not...that's OK...I started a pantry makeover in August. That is where it ended though. And then we thought about doing a kitchen renovation which would eliminate that pantry all together. But like I said laid plans.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Favorite Free Fancy Fonts 

(Say that 3 times Fast)

In between catching up on The Vampire Diaries and The Bachelor (Don't judge...I know you watch them too) we have been working diligently to finish some projects around the house.

This week we've tiled, painted, put up sheet-rock, painted, finished molding, and painted. We have been doing a lot of painting...good thing I enjoy it! Why are we doing all these projects? Big decisions are on the horizon.

Anyway, for now I whipped up a list of my favorite free fancy fonts just for you. I dare you to say that 3 times fast. Some of these I have used on my mantel and here.



PS...All of these fonts were downloaded from It is super easy too!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Make a Duvet Cover

After my last post, which featured pictures of the master bedroom, I got many emails asking about my duvet cover.

"Where did you get your duvet cover?"
"Did you make the duvet on your bed?"
"Who made your bedspread?"

If you can believe it....I made it! Yep. This little semi-city gal, turned mountain dweller can sew a mean straight line. And with the help of my mom, (she rocks) I made this duvet cover about three years ago.

Finding the perfect comforter design in stores, or on-line, was an impossible task. After scouring the special order fabric at Joann Fabrics everyday for two weeks, I finally found the perfect pattern, and ordered it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Should Felicity choose Ben or Noel?

Best Laid Plans

Remember the show, Felicity? Noel and Ben both fighting over Felicity. All the while she couldn't make up her mind. I always knew who she would end up with. I won’t tell you in case you haven’t seen it, but you really should.

When I work on a project I  listen to that show on my laptop. I am actually on my third time of  re-watching the series while I paint the molding in the master bath.

And every time I watch it I still route for Felicity {through her heartache} and the guy that I know she will pick. 

That leads me to my “heartache”.  I love our house…our home. We built it 9 and a half years ago. We had no money when we built it, but we saved and saved. Our babies were brought home from the hospital to this house. We have spent countless hours making this house into a home.

We were resolute on staying here forever. We would just make a few Miner adjustments to the things and places that were not what we dreamt of anymore...fill in the empty spaces above the bed and next to the armoire, fix the moldings in the bathroom.

And the kitchen. We had a great plan for that...beautiful cabinets with an island and granite counter tops.  And like Felicity, I knew what I wanted. We were bound and determined to get it.

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