Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Real Reason My Husband Married Me

Recipe: Mac N' Cheese

When we got married almost 13 years ago, I didn't know the real reason why my husband proposed.

He kept it on the down-low for a very long time. We just went about our business like a normal everyday couple. I never suspected anything.

And every once in awhile the hubs would say, "Some of your mac n' cheese would be really good in my belly."

Yep. That is how he says it.

And happily, I would make this dish for him.

Then one cold and snowy day, about 8 years in, I figured out his secret.

My husband did not marry me for my smile.

He did not marry me for my savvy money sense.

Indeed, he did not marry for my green eyes {although he would tell you otherwise}.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Egg & Oil Free Cake 

Apparently, Mother Nature is having a good laugh at us right now. 

It is the fourth day of Spring and yet we are looking out our windows at a foot of snow on the ground.

And it was new snow this week.

We had no snow last week at the end of the winter. 

It doesn't surprise me though...we do live in upstate New York.

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