Friday, December 21, 2012

Mission: Bloggy Secret Santa     

How to make Chalkboard Gift Tags

As kids, my brother and I used to look for our presents at Christmastime.

When my parents left to go for groceries we ran up to my dad's closet to peak.

There we would find the stacks of boxes, usually wrapped without tags.

We searched the boxes for any clue that told who the gift was for.

My mom, in her cleverness, wrote a T or a J somewhere on the box. I don't know why she just didn't put a tag on it.  Maybe she thought we would look. See? Told ya she is clever.

That didn't slow us down though. I figured out how to unwrap said gifts without ripping the paper or tape.
Shh, don't tell my mom, OK? Pinky swear?

Christmas day would come and I knew almost all of my presents.  It never deterred my excitement.  I only worried that my reaction wouldn't be good enough to hide my secret.

To this day, I can't stand waiting to see what I am getting for Christmas.  It's just too much suspense, for me. I will even go out and buy my presents and hand them to the hubs to wrap.  It's all good. I get what I want and I am still excited to open the gift.

So when Julie from redheadcandecorate suggested we do a bloggy secret Santa, I hesitated. For sure I would not know what I was getting this time. But I only hesitated for a second. Then I thought, "While I do not like to be surprised. I sure do love surprising other people. Let's do this!"


Wooden Tags (from Hobby Lobby)

Chalkboard Paint


Thin jewelry wire (from Joann's Fabrics)

Step 1: Lightly sand all the tags.

Step 2: Paint with chalkboard paint, two coats both sides.  I put two tooth picks wrapped with a twist tie through the hole to hold it in place.

Step 3: Thread jewelry wire through hole.

Step 4: Wrap them beautiful.

Voila...chalkboard gift tags.  And I got to send them to Kimberly over at Serendipity Refined. Can I say, she is a doll. We have so much in common. This was a fabulous way to get to know someone new!

Want to see what I got from my secret Santa, Cheri? Head on over to It's So Very Cheri. I love it! It was one surprise that I couldn't wait to open!

Happy Gifting!


PS...I made a few Miner adjustments to this project. I kept a few tags for myself.  Don't worry. It's not a secret. I already told Kimberly. Wait until you see what I did with them!


Hello, fabulous friends!

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