Monday, February 4, 2013

Should Felicity choose Ben or Noel?

Best Laid Plans

Remember the show, Felicity? Noel and Ben both fighting over Felicity. All the while she couldn't make up her mind. I always knew who she would end up with. I won’t tell you in case you haven’t seen it, but you really should.

When I work on a project I  listen to that show on my laptop. I am actually on my third time of  re-watching the series while I paint the molding in the master bath.

And every time I watch it I still route for Felicity {through her heartache} and the guy that I know she will pick. 

That leads me to my “heartache”.  I love our house…our home. We built it 9 and a half years ago. We had no money when we built it, but we saved and saved. Our babies were brought home from the hospital to this house. We have spent countless hours making this house into a home.

We were resolute on staying here forever. We would just make a few Miner adjustments to the things and places that were not what we dreamt of anymore...fill in the empty spaces above the bed and next to the armoire, fix the moldings in the bathroom.

And the kitchen. We had a great plan for that...beautiful cabinets with an island and granite counter tops.  And like Felicity, I knew what I wanted. We were bound and determined to get it.

Then the appraisal for our house came back a couple weeks ago. Conservative is an understatement.

Then we couldn't fit everything we wanted into the amount of money the bank said we could borrow.

Then…and then…and then. So many obstacles.

Felicity had obstacles…Ben? Noel? Should she cut that beautiful hair?
(Spoiler alert….she did and it was a shock).

We asked ourselves, should we move?
We found a great development 3 miles from my work and 20 minutes closer to Matt’s. We could build exactly what we have dreamed of. Could it be more perfect?

It surely could. The contractor came back to us with an even sweeter deal. We really had to make a decision.

Stay? Move? Love it? List it?  

Finally, yesterday I was awoken to the decision. The hubs came in and said, “I know what we are going to do. The decision was made for us.” All foggy and groggy from sleep I listened.

The pipes from the upstairs plumbing go right through the wall that we were going to tear down in the kitchen. The air return duct goes for the upstairs goes through another wall we were going to tear down.

There you have it.  Felicity wasn't going to choose Ben (for now anyway). And we do not have the budget to fix those giant obstacles. So no new kitchen (sniff, sniff).

Now we are getting the house ready.
Painting here.
Molding there.
Worrying….are we really selling this place? Our heart? Our lovely home? Are we switching the kids school district?
Feeling excited about the possibilities.

Or will we end up loving our home again?

Through all of this self induced chaos we really do feel lucky to have the opportunity to make these choices.

Sometimes the best laid plans change...drastically! Felicity's plans changed too and her life turned out pretty amazing.

 Stay tuned. Let’s see what happens next.


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