Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Hey You Guys”… A Halloween Mantel

Who doesn’t love jewels?

Whether it be jewels to wear on your neck and ears or jewels to hide in your pocket, from the Fratelli’s, in order to save your house
…jewels are amazing.

And besides “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club”…"Goonies” is my ultimate go to cult classic.

{Little secret…I had a crush on Sean Astin…braces and all}.

This little quote is more about life than the Goonnies.

It is about never giving up.

It is about following your dreams.

It is about taking risks at any cost...
{Spoiler alert: Remember that organ scene when Data almost died?}.

So my friends, my Halloween Mantel may be a little late, but “Goonies never say die.” 

Words to live by.

Thanks, Mikey! These jewels are for you.


  1. Ok ... what a GREAT idea! I love the Goonies theme - original, fun and so creative! Thanks for sharing! xx, b

  2. Thank you! It was fun to make!


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