Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boy's Bathroom Makeover for under $25.00

Remember those free bathroom printables I made a couple weeks ago?  Well, I finally got around to printing them. But, putting them up in my current bathroom wouldn't look right. So I started searching for the perfect shower curtain. The one I have is nice, but it definitely isn't meant for rough and tumble little boys, who will someday grow into refined men (she hopes with all her might). 

This is what their bathroom usually looks like...

A mess! This was just after bath time. And that mess isn't even that bad.

This is what it looks like when it is clean. Not terrible, but there is too much brown, beige, tan, boring. It is time for a few Miner adjustments.

For less than $25.00, I did something about it...

Steps to a better boy's bathroom

First, I printed the bathroom art....technically FREE

Then I went to the dollar store (My grandma would be proud...I am a dollar store junkie) and got four 8x10 frames....$4.00

Unfortunately, they only came in black, so I had to go get some white spray paint...$3.59 (I feel like I am the mouse in If You Give A Mouse a Cookie).

Then I headed to Target and made a bee line to the bath department, averting my eyes from any other aisle that would call my name.

There, I found 2 curtains...both on sale! But, one was plastic and the other fabric. Quality matters. A difficult lesson I have learned after wasting a lot of money on crap things. Although you must be thinking,"but you bought your frames at the dollar store." It's the kid's's going to get wet in there. Dollar store frames are fine for the bathroom.  Let's move on. K?

The shower curtain was $14.89 and I love it. Bold, Nautical, All Boy!

After putting the room together the grand total for this makeover was $24.05 including tax.

Want to see how it turned out?

What do you think? My boys love it. And it was so quick and easy! Maybe I will buy them some new towels...if they are good.

Happy Inexpensive Makeovers!



  1. I love those framed instructions, especially "Flush - enough said." Looks great!

  2. You are so friggin' creative!!! I wish I had the kids 'messy' bathroom...I'll take that over my messy bathroom any day!!

    1. Well, thank you! I have to admit, sometimes their bathroom is messier than that! Those are the crazy days when my head is spinning and we have 50,000 things to do before 7 pm.

  3. It looks awesome! I want those printouts!

    1. It's Ashley by the way lol

    2. Ash, go to this link and you can right click and save them to your computer to print. I made them to share with peeps! I am working on ones for girls too. Enjoy!


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