Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Desk Makeover

I have always wanted to be a teacher. Most of my extended family are teachers. My great grandmother taught, for a year, in a one room school house before she got married.

When I was 8, we moved into a new house that had a giant slate chalkboard hanging in the basement.  I just about died and went to heaven, playing school teacher everyday after school.

And I've always wanted one of those desks where the chair is attached to the desk. Or the desk is attached to the chair. Either way, always wanted one, but could never find one.  Until, last summer.

My hubby, who knows me so well, was at the Salvation Army looking for something else (clearly I can't remember because it was instantly forgotten) when he knocks on the window to me.  I was waiting outside in the car with sleeping boys.

I look in and there he is holding up a vintage chair with a desk attached. A vintage desk with a chair attached. Which is it already?

I literally started clapping and jumping up and down.

When he finally got the clerk's attention to ask how much it was, do you know what she said?

$3.99!  Can you believe it? Besides a little rust it was in perfect condition.

We scooped that desk up so fast and ran home to paint it. Just a few Miner adjustments.

Now, it lives in my son's room. He does his homework there. He colors there. The paint has held up really well.  All I did was lightly sand the lacquered top and the rust on the metal. Then spray painted it 3 times.

Currently, I am looking for another one for boy #2. Anyone have a lead?

Happy Desk Hunting!



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