Saturday, September 22, 2012

30 Day Spending Freeze – Part 2

Week 1 - Total Spending

Last week we started our 30 day spending freeze. Today it is time to be accountable and let you know what we spent this week.  

We didn't spend any cash.  It is more difficult to keep track of cash purchases. All necessities were bought with our VISA, and we will pay the balance in total at the end of the month.  

Disclaimer: I do not advocate credit card debt.  In fact I hate it.  We thought long and hard about how we make purchases.  Going this route gives us travel points. Using a credit card wisely can work in your favor.

Anywho...the spending....

Groceries               $270.29    (This is for 2 weeks)
Gas in Car #1        $53.97
Gas in Car #2        $58.66
Grocery                 $ 5.08        (Oops, I forgot to take my lunch to school one day)
ADT                      $ 31.02
Itunes                     $10.69     (Nothing fun here. An app Matt needed for work.)
Netflix                    $7.99       (Forgot to suspend it for the month)
Gas in car #1         $56.23
After school care    $58.00 
 Total (Sept 16- Sept 22)                            $ 551.93

Wow! Seeing it totaled I am thinking that is a lot, but we can do this! No more than $1500 on our VISA this month.  It is usually $2000 or more.  All it takes is a little will power.

Free fun we had this week...

  • The balloon festival moon glow and fire works
  • Water skiing and boat ride on the lake with our dear friend who we haven't seen in 11 years!   (Thanks, JJH!)
  • Angry Bird Pizza Party (made by the hubs, I might add)
  • Watching B. play in his soccer game
  • Family game night

How are you doing with your spending freeze?

Happy Saving!



Hello, fabulous friends!

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