Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finding Balance...

30 Day Spending Freeze - Part 3

We are 14 days into our 30 day spending freeze. We did so much better this week!  I am pretty excited about it too. And it sure does seem like all the charities and organizations are on the prowl right now. Yep, I said it.  Everyone is asking for money…11 different charities to be exact. And I get it. They are good causes.  But most will have to wait until next month.

I think that even when there is a spending freeze, you still need to have a sense balance in your life.  For instance, I need new sneakers for working out. They can wait for another couple weeks.  However, 2 nights ago there were sign ups for Boy Scouts at my son’s school.  And since he is really interested, how could I say no to that cute little first grader.  Balance.  Sometimes a “fun extra” really is a necessity.  After a few Miner adjustments, to our thinking, we signed him up. Pinewood Derby here we come (or whatever)!

So my tip for this week is simple. 

Find balance.  Some things, while not a necessity too living, are a necessity for personal growth and quality of this short and lovely life.

Here is the break down on our 2nd week of spending.

Gas  for Car - 

Birthday gifts

Tire Repair (bummer)-
Gas for car -
Boy Scouts -


Van Heusen (returned a shirt) -  

Spending this week


Total spending since Sept  16th

Remember...the goal is to not have more than $1500 in spending until October 16th (the end of our credit card cycle).

Enjoy the day freely!


PS...We are in my hometown this weekend. The hubs and I wanted so badly to stop at our favorite pizza place for a slice, but we didn't.  I just took a picture and kept right on going. Frog and Toad would be proud of us!


  1. I'd like to save some dough too but am confused on this freeze concept. If you hold off buying stuff for a month but then just purchase it when the freeze is over doesn't it all just equal out?

    1. The last time we did the freeze we saved an extra $400 over what we usually save. So I made an extra payment on my student loan.

      Usually our credit card budget each month is $2000. We pay it off every month. But this month we made the budget $1500. The extra $500 saved will go straight on my student loan. So now in November my budget will go back to $2000. If I don't go over that, then I will have come out ahead b.c I had an extra $500 in October.


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