Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Picket Fence Post Sign

A couple weeks ago we did a little giveaway here at A Few Miner Adjustments. And whenever I read about a giveaway I always wonder, "Did that person ever get their prize?"

Well, the winner of this giveaway did in fact receive their prize (...the sign's in the mail). No really it's in the mail. This is a special treat though...there is a love story to go along with the quote.

When I read it, my eyes teared up.
My heart melted.
I am a sucker for a good romance.

This is the story behind the quote on the picket post for her words.

"I have been with Heather for four years today (10-23-10).  It has never been easy, nor has it ever been dull. We have had definite ups and downs. But one thing is for certain, love is never wrong.

On October 23, 2010 we had our own ceremony of love. I walked to our beautifully decorated front porch to our song, "I'm Yours" by Tracy Chapman. I have the refrain (as well as Heather) tattooed on me.

{I am yours if you are mine}

I love her and would walk through fire for her...and have done so (metaphorically).

I would not trade a moment of it."

Kristina, I hope that you and Heather enjoy this sign as much as I enjoyed making it for you.



  1. Love <3 Love <3 Love it!!
    Thank you Trina!!
    And the story is matter what love is love and it is never wrong. I have never been so happy, nor so cherished.
    One day I will legally be recognised as her wife and she will be mine. We will have all the headaches and heartaches as every other married couple. But the one thing that stands out above all others.....I can go into the ICU without being told, "I'm sorry, you are not family." Heartbreaking I know but when it matters most of all, I don't want to hear those words.
    Luckily all the doctors in Maine have accepted me and allowed me the spousal rights.
    Thank you again Trina!
    Tau love!!


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