Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boy's Bedroom Makeover...Closer to Finished

Over the summer (that feels like so long ago...come back to us summer...puh-lease!), I found a $10.00 nightstand and did a cutie to beauty makeover on it. And since my 4 year old requested an anchor on the drawer pull, it seems as though his room is taking on a nautical sailing theme vibe. Maybe throw in a plaid quilt, a canoe paddle, a little art on the wall. Not going overboard, but I'm cool with that vibe. 

I have it all figured out in my head. Now to find the time to get it finished....

Making a Few Miner Adjustments to Monkey's Room List

  • Paint the picture rail molding
  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Frame and hang the art

The art.  I don't think it's really art per say.  It is just a little something I put it together using picmonkey.  That site is so fun!  I think we'll put it in a giant white frame with the white wall behind it, right over the nightstand. 

I hope the 4 year old loves it! Anyone know where I can get a vintage canoe ore for cheap?


Disclosure: I put this together, but did not draw the sailboat. The Sailboat image can be found here.


  1. Cute artwork! My 4 year old son is still kicking it in his Great North Woods nursery. You might find a HOBO (home owners/ boat owners) association on a local lake and ask if anyone has one lying around their boathouse! :)

    1. Thanks, Beth! I never did a theme with my 4 year olds room. He kinda came up with this himself, so I'm going with it. I will definitely check around for the canoe ore! I have seen them in antique stores, but pricey is an understatement!


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