Monday, May 13, 2013

The Front Porch Project

Sneak Peak

Good ideas do not always come out of thin air.  

Many hours are spent brainstorming, talking, and then heading to Pinterest to find the exact picture of what you want something to look like.

This is our front porch inspiration...

source unknown
 and this...

Pretty, huh?

This porch project has taken a long time.

I have stained 40 floor boards, 4 times each.

Let’s do the math….that is 160 coats of stain.

Thank goodness for my iphone music amplified in a plastic bowl.

The garage has great acoustics.

Matt has worked for countless hours ripping up floor boards…

moving dirt and rocks….

...then putting it all back together.

 Our To Do list still includes:

          Finish installing molding on posts
          Paint railings and molding
          One more coat of stain on the decking to fix any scrapes
          Put on stair railing
Hang the shutters back up
          Plant grass and bushes

Typing that list makes it seem like there is still a ton left to do.

I won’t lie. There is.

But this image is all the motivation we need to get this project finished.

I can barely contain my excitement for this new porch!

Soon my friends…soon.


  1. It really looks nice. It will be great when finished.

  2. Love where you're going with your front porch. Great job so far! I stained our bridge and stile today in the backyard, but nothing like staining all those boards;)

    1. Thanks, Jeanette! Staining a bridge doesn't sound like a small job either!


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