Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Day 3} Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

You know that feeling when you get to see friends that you haven't seen in awhile?

You know that feeling of holding a teeny tiny baby and maybe sneaking a smell of his head?

You know that feeling of contentment...that all is right with the world?

I had all of those tonight and it was wonderful.  Not to mention there were like 15 kids running around having the time of their lives. Heaven.

And now here is a little blog tour heaven for you... 

I doubt there has ever been a chair makeover that I didn't like. And it holds true for these lovelies from Bargain Hunting with Laurie.

Who know you could make bi-fold doors into French doors?

Danielle from 2 Little Superheroes did and they look fabulous!  I have a one closet that I am now thinking about converting.  Wonder if I can convince the hubs?

I used to have a hat box that had a picture of a boy and girl in black and white. However, the rose that the boy was holding was in color.

I loved that hat box.

I used it in my dorm room to store letters from home.

Right now I wish I still had that hat box. I would give it to Amy from Stow and TellU to make into a sweet lamp shade.

Summer vacation is the bee's knees around here. 71 days of relaxing and not rushing around. Oh, wait. I have kids, so it isn't totally relaxing without rushing around, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have found something that could make it even better though....this chaise couch that Kelly from My Soulful Home redid. It is beautiful and fabulous and would look great on my deck.

We talked about renovating our kitchen this past spring. Unfortunately it didn't happen. It just wasn't in the cards for us at this time. Have no fear...I will revisit this idea soon enough!

And quite honestly this kitchen redo by Denyse from Glitter, Glue and Paint is so pretty! I adore the back-splash. It makes the kitchen complete!

So I wonder, at the end of the day...what makes your feel content again? 

Did any of these projects inspire you?

Tomorrow is my day!

Here are my partners in crime...

Thursday, Aug. 8:


  1. Thank you for the roundup. I'm having so much fun participating in this party. laurie

  2. Great wrap up..can't wait for your post!


  3. It's so sweet of you to do a wrap up of all the fabulous favorites going on this week with some very special bloggers. Looking forward to seeing yours. xo


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