Saturday, September 14, 2013

{5 Easy Tips to Start Now}

It's still summer until September 22nd, even though we are back to school and fall decor is trending all over Pinterest.

All to soon we will be going apple picking and to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

For right now though, it is a good time to "fall" into Christmas planning.

And in past years, I have been known to start shopping for Christmas in January.

In past years, I have been the first on Facebook to announce that I have started my shopping.

That was not the case last year.

The kids were busy, playing sports and going to birthday parties and I had little energy time to think about stockings and gifts.

However, the countdown has begun.  So let's make a few Miner adjustments this year and get goin'! Whose with me?

1. Set a budget 

Going into debt for 5 minutes of joy on your kid's face, isn't worth it. The stomach aches and stress of paying the bill will just about kill you.

Set yourself free by making a budget for overall spending (what you could afford if you only had cash). 

Then break that budget down per person. Start saving that money now.

2. Make a list

Brainstorm a list of people you are buying for and what they want.

Then search the internet for the best prices. When you save the list, save the web address with it.  I bet most of the shopping could be done in your jammies!

Wait a little while to start shoppingthough, most sites will offer free shipping closer to the holidays.

{Oh, and going back to #1, if the mailman and the kid's teachers are going to put you over budget...cut them from the list!  Are you giving me the stink eye right now? I probably said something crazy, but truly....stay in your budget. Those people are doing a job. They get paid for that job. A thank you note for said job is enough}. 

3. Use Pinterest for ideas

My friends on Pinterest are constantly pinning jewelry or shoe pictures. Why not take that as your cue to shop for that item? Most pictures are linked to a site or etsy shop. Ta Da! They told you what they want without you having to ask! 

4. Shop over time

See a good stocking-stuffer in the dollar aisle at Target? 

Have a great coupon at Joann's Fabrics? 

Pick it up now and put it away. 

I've heard people say "I just can't wait till Christmas to give it, though". Yes you can!  

Buy it, keep it in the bag, walk into the house and put it where the gifts live. Then walk away.

That's right....back away from the presents. 

The kids will never know it's there. And you will be one step closer to finishing your shopping.

5. Know When to Stop Shopping

The hardest part about getting organized early is the need to continue buying presents as Christmas gets closer.

You suddenly discover something that your snuggle bum just couldn't live without. Well, yes they can.

Or you feel like you just didn't buy enough. When your list is finished...stop shopping.  

If you feel the need to continue shopping, go get some new wrapping paper. Then start wrapping the gifts.

Maybe you forgot exactly what you've got. Wrapping will help you remember and make you feel better about what you have bought already.

Now you can sit back, relax and think about New Year's Eve while everyone else scrambles the week before Christmas to get it all done.

Happy Holidays {early}!


  1. While I never think you should go over budget on anything, including Christmas, I'm kind of surprised you can cut your child's teacher from the gift list. After all, this person spends more waking hours 5 days a week with your chid then you do. Also, you suggested using pinterest for girft ideas. Surely, you could find something (not cheesy) for you and your child to make/bake for the teacher.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by and reading.

      I am also a teacher and never would want my students to get me anything. While I do appreciate when a student does something special for me, I have a job to do and get paid well for that job.

      At the end of the school year my kids write a thank you note to their teacher and make them something special (a bracelet was last year's gift). My personal opinion is that it is all too much so those Christmas gifts get cut.

      I'm sorry if I offended you, I hope you will stop by again.

  2. Love all of these....but I number 5? I never know when to stop shopping!

    Happy day!

    PS I love making gifts for my children's teachers!!!!

    1. I always second guess how much we have for the boys, but I really do stick by this list. And you know what? The kids don't know either way if they got too much or too little. They are just happy, happy!


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