Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Make a Fleece Scarf in 5 minutes for $2.00

End the War…Just Make the Scarf

There’s this scarf...
just an ordinary green fringed fleece scarf from Old Navy.

I may have paid all of $2.00 for it about 10 years ago.

There are also these 2 boys...
cute, smart, competitive boys. 

And when that scarf comes out for the winter the arguing begins.  It is always their turn to wear it, never the other person’s. 

This year though, I decided to make a few Miner adjustments. 

I couldn't stand to listen to one more second of the green scarf war. 

And I couldn't bear to see the wrestling match that was brewing.

So I told those cute, smart, competitive boys to get in the car.

We headed to my favorite Joann Fabrics where they picked out their very own warm and fuzzy fleece. And boy oh boy were they excited! 

This in turn made me feel like mom of the year!

Materials Needed:

  • ¼ yard fabric that is 54 inch long (the width of the fabric on the bolt)….it cost all of $2.00 each
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Masking Tape

Tip before starting: Fold the fabric in half and make sure all of the edges are straight by trimming it.

{1} Measure 5 inches up from the edge of the fleece.

{2} Put tape across the fabric at the 5 inch mark.

{3} Have your cute, smart, competitive child cut pieces of fringe up to the tape.

{4} Repeat steps 1-3 on the other end of the fleece.

{5} Make sure to count the fringe to get an exact number on each side.

{6} Remove tape and enjoy your scarf.

End the war....just make the scarves.  Win~Win!

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  1. Those are cute, may I borrow one when I come to your house in a few weeks???

    1. Thanks! Surly, you may borrow one or both when you come visit!

  2. I am gonna do this with my kids over break. I wonder where I can get star wars fleece..LOL!!
    Thank you so much for linking up to the Twirl and Take a bow party. Be sure to come back this week to see if you were featured and to link up again!

    1. I have never seen Stars Wars fleece, but Joann's has so many choices...I bet you could find something close to that.

  3. Very cute idea! Good thinking having one for each now.

    1. Thank you! The still both want the green one though...go figure!


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