Sunday, November 10, 2013

From Old and Faded to Lovely and Jaded

It is no secret that I love a bargain. 

I must have gotten that gene from my grandma…the queen of finding the coolest things from the Dollar Store.

So, when I found this lamp at a garage sale down the street, my heart skipped a beat...

It literally, stopped beating for a second. 

I pulled the cord. 

It made the most perfect clicking sound.

And the shade...

The shade is made of glass!

I walked away from it though.

Why on Earth would I do that?

I wondered if it worked.

I wondered if the wiring was so old that it would start a fire.

I wondered where I would put it.

After we got home, though, I couldn't stop thinking about that lamp.

My mind was already looking for a home for it.

My mind was convincing me that the wiring was perfect.

My mind knew that it just had to work.

And I have such an amazing husband! I barely had to plead and beg before he went back up the road just to get me that lamp.

How much was this beauty? 

A mere $5.00.

Couple that with a can of semi-gloss spray paint{in black} and this makeover project cost less than $10.00.

That's my kind of bargain.

How to Make a Few Miner Adjustments to a Garage Sale Lamp

1.    Put a grocery bag around the shade…the light bulb fixture was wired through the shade, so it wouldn't come off.

2.   In order to get the bag over the shade, unscrew the opposite side of the shade and shimmy it loose.

3.   Spray 2 or 3 {or maybe 4, if you want to go wild} coats.

4.   Spray the ugly yellow cord to match the base.

5.   Give plenty of drying time….I let it sit for a week before bringing it in.

6.   Remove plastic bag, put side screw back in, find the perfect place for it and enjoy.

This lamp went from old and faded to lovely and jaded.

So glad I listened to my bargain hunting gene. Thanks, Gram!

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  1. I love those great old desk lamps! It's perfect! ~Jeanette

  2. It's amazing how some paint can really update something. Love the new look. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Spray paint really is my friend!


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