Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Buy a Pez Dispenser

A couple weeks ago before the Adirondack air became crisp and cool we spent the day walking through a giant Garage Sale in the neighboring town. 

It is miles and miles of vintage and antique happiness. 

My husband loves it for the food...sausage, onions and peppers to be exact.

My oldest likes it for the hunt of a pile of Pokemon cards real cheap.

And my youngest, well, he never really knows what he wants until he finds it.

On this day he found a treasure that he surely had to have...

a Santa Claus Pez Dispenser

with a $1.00 price tag.

When this adorable 6 year old of mine saw it he asked if he could buy it {with his money} and I said sure, but only if he asked if they would take 75 cents.

After all, one should never pay asking price at a garage sale.

"Will you come with me?" he asked.

As we walked over to the owners of this booth, I couldn't help notice that both men were big and burly with thick gray beards and black leather jackets.

This sight did not stop my very boisterous child though....{remember the stand off we had about which restroom he could use}...from going up to them asking,

"Can I buy this for 75 cents?" he asked.

The first giant {compared to my son} bearded man looked at the second giant bearded man and then he looked at my slightly smaller, blonde haired, blue eyed child and replied, "Oh, alright."

But when Little Monkey handed him the dollar the man couldn't find a quarter to give him as change.

So the second giant bearded man stepped up and said, "I think you could have that for free if you give us your biggest smile."

Little Monkey didn't even hesitate....pearly whites and dimples were displayed for the whole county to see.

The 2 man chuckled, handed the dollar back to him and told us to have a great day!

And that, my friends, is how you buy a Pez dispenser.

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