Monday, February 2, 2015

T-Shirt Gallery Wall

Once upon a time there was this t-shirt...oh wait...I started another post with that, but it was on the same wave length as this one, so let's keep going.

You see, there are two boys in this house who save me a ton of money on clothes. I don't have to buy super cute Mary-Janes or party dresses or 15 different colors of tights.  They require t-shirts, one pair of sneakers and sweatpants. They even share socks.

So when they do need clothes I try to buy the cutest of the cute and clever t-shirts out there.

The one thing these boys aren't saving me money on is my grocery bill.  I swear they have a hollow leg.  I fear for our grocery budget when they are 15 and eat us out of house and home.

And because of this rather large appetite {and grocery bill} they grow out of their cute t-shirts faster than I would like.

What to do with them? 
The too small t-shirts...not the boys.

Make a few Miner adjustments and...
frame them, of course.  

And since the wall was empty before (Truth? It's been empty for 10 years) the boy's room is the perfect place to make a gallery wall. 

You see, I am not one to keep things laying around for sentimental reasons. But, these....well I just couldn't bear to send them packing.

So the boys and I got busy framing them. OK, they helped with the first one and then they were off to raid the fridge, but I'll give them credit for helping.

This project couldn't be easier either.

Easy Steps:

  • Cut the back of the t-shirt off and then wrap what is left of the shirt around the cardboard inside the frame so the picture is where you want it.
  • Put the back of the frame on and push the metal holders down.
  • Pull the shirt tight, so there are no wrinkles inside the frame.
  • Then cut the excess shirt parts off.
  • For the frames with a mat inside...I used packing tape to secure the picture in the correct spot.

I hung them with 3M Command Strips...I love those things {and they don't pay me to say that, but I think they should, because I would shout it from the rooftops}!

I used all black frames except the one gold one. That shirt was navy blue and I kind of like that it isn't totally matchy-matchy.  It works because of the design {which also isn't matchy, but has a basic pattern} and the subject in each frame is a t-shirt.

The boys love it. Every night, when we sit on the bed and eat snacks, they talk about which ones are their favorite. The whole gallery is my favorite. I couldn't pick just one shirt. Those shirts are my boys.

Have to run now. I think someone is in the kitchen asking for some food!

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  1. I just finished going through my youngest boy's closet. I love this idea. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! I just love looking at these memories every day.

  2. Love this idea for my husband!!

    1. Thank you! I never thought to do this for my husband, but he runs a lot of races, maybe those t-shirts would work well for this??

  3. Oh I wish I thought of this as I donated all of my son's best clothes! Saw this on Hometalk this morning and had to come over to pin to my boys' room board. (I like your tip posted there about Hobby Lobby coupons) We should shop together; being blog neighbors ;)

    I'm going remember your craft for my son's next room makeover. He's in the tween stage and it's time.

    Have a warm and safe weekend! More snow coming today.

    ~ Robin

    1. Hi, Neighbor! We are really close! Thank you for your kind words. Boo to more snow, but I would rather have that then 50 below with the wind chill.

  4. idea!
    ~Jo :)

  5. you are just awesome , great idea , i will try it today :D ( super excited )


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