Thursday, February 12, 2015

When You Love Someone.....Homemade Valentine Cards

When you love will brainstorm clever, witty sayings for Valentine's cards with 2 little cuties and use their exact words all the while smiling that they truly are your children. will go to Target and browse the holiday aisle looking for the perfect non-candy add-on to go with the clever, witty cards. will spend an hour or two creating said Valentine cards on the computer.

When you love will print them only to find out there is no more ink in the printer, so making a few Miner adjustments you will drop everything and go to the store for more ink, bring it home, put it in the printer and try again. will not freak out when the new ink that you paid almost $50 for doesn't print in black, but does every other color and the hubs can't figure out why...time for plan B. will get those clever, witty cards printed elsewhere after taking a break to breathe.

When you love will start an assembly line with the kids to cut and sign, and tie baker's twine to each little trinket and clever, witty card.

When you love will keep going even when the assembly line disappears after only doing the signing part of the entire project. will feel excited for those cuties to share these simple creations with their friends, even if they didn't have that much to do with them....

When you love someone.

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!

PS.  Images of my boys were captured by Ashley Brown Photography.

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  1. Super cute Trina! Love that you went with a non-candy treat :)

    This is how I get my ink now.. no more going to the store!|153|43648|46dd6e0b-dde8-d8e8-b28d-00007c4ec296&gclid=Cj0KEQiAu_GmBRDhtK-kzqKcuJwBEiQAJvB8n4tdwOM8t3wm6hpnXGooAhWU_AUs_7CcwCKU7H0l1i0aAu0-8P8HAQ

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! And thanks for the tip. I wonder if Kodak printers have this option too? I am totally going to check that out! Happy Valentine's Day!


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