Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dresser Makeover with Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint

How grown up do you feel?

It is a tough question to answer especially when we do not really ever want to grow up. 

I think, for me; even over getting married, starting my teaching career, or having children... the moment I knew that I had grown up when I had a knock-down-drag-out week of debate with our gas company over a major mishap with our bill. And it was a mishap on their end, I might add....but isn't it always?

I know what you are thinking....that isn't glamorous. at. all.

But I kept my cool. I researched my account. I didn't yell at the very misguided business manager. I fought smart. And in the end {without getting into the messy details} I negotiated a very fair deal with them that settled the whole dispute. 

I was finally. all. grown. up.

So when I bought this dresser at a garage sale a couple years ago I knew it needed to grow up....a lot. It didn't happen all at once though. I made a few Miner adjustments along the way.
The only thing that I originally loved about it was it's bones and has gorgeous legs. So I left those alone.

Painting with Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint is super don't need to sand or prime your piece before starting.

I painted the dresser Duck Egg Blue.

After it dried over night I put the Annie Sloan® Clear Wax all over it to seal the paint.

When that was dry, I used the Annie Sloan® Dark Wax.

I brushed it on and wiped it off with an old t-shirt until I got the look I wanted. 

Then after that was dry, I buffed the entire dresser with another clean old t-shirt to make it shine. 

Let the wax completely dry {a couple days should do it}, add new knobs and enjoy! 

I think in total it took a few days to complete this project because of the drying time....kind of like debating with the gas feels like it takes forever. But it is totally worth it to finally be all grown up.

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