Monday, May 25, 2015

My husband is the best. When I give him a list of things to fix or create or do for me around the house he is pretty agreeable about doing it.  I love that man.

So when we took our picket fence out of the backyard, I had a ton of ideas of what to do with the wood. 

And when I posted my February mantel here, I got a lot of emails about the backdrop. Funny, how so many people loved on it and my husband, although he gladly made it for me, very much disliked it.

OK....he despised it.
Oh boy, did I hear the complaints. 

Keep reading for the directions to make your own...just give them to your husband....or if he isn't into it, make it's that easy.
You need:
  • wood planks
  • small nails
  • nail gun or hammer
  • wire
  • small eye hooks

To Make:
  • Lay out your planks {I used 8 to fit my wall space}
  • Put another plank vertically on top and nail it to all the planks.  Do the same at the other end.
  • Screw Eye hooks into each vertical plank.
  • Twist wire onto the eye hooks
  • Once it was put together I white washed the planks....mix 1 part white paint and 1 part water...brush on and wipe off to your liking.
  • Hang and enjoy!
  • I also added a nail to the bottom corner, on the front, to hang a picture frame on it. 

Now that I have had this hanging over the mantel for awhile, my husband doesn't complain about it anymore. It is even been rumored around here he now loves this hanging over our mantel. 

Hmm, what is next on my list for him?

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