Friday, January 8, 2016

 Project 365

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me?

I have been lost for far too long.

There was laundry to do and bills to pay.

There were broken arms and polar plunges on New Year's Day.

There was Netflix to watch and life to live.

I was under the weather for most of October and November.

And then there was the major writer's block and a computer that bit the dust.

I think I am back though.

I feel great. I have a new laptop. My kids are fantastic. And I am caught up on all of the shows in my queue.

I even have some new post ideas roaming around in my mind, waiting for a place to truly put down their suitcases and move in.

And this year, I was motivated by one of my sorority sisters {who I have never actually met in person, but who I admire greatly} to take on Project 365.

One picture each day for a year.

To keep myself motivated and accountable, let's have a project 365 post each week?

Will you join me?

Will you let me know which photo is your favorite?

It would be fabulous, sincerely, if you were here for this little journey,

And I am not saying that I am any good. Some of these images are too grainy for me.

However, I think I have an eye.

This is the year for the learning.

I promise I won't just take pictures of my beautiful boys. 

Although, I think my mom would enjoy that!

I will take photos of what is going on in our life...

big, small, beautiful, scientific.

Hopefully, along the way, my craft will improve. That is the goal anyway.

If it doesn't though at least the moments and images of this year will be captured.


Happy New Year, friends!

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PS...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for forgiving me for being gone so long. It means so much to me that you are here!

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  1. Did you do project 365? I thought about it a few years ago but faded :(


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