Thursday, January 14, 2016

Project 365 {Week 2}

I have to say....remembering to take a picture {or set of pictures in order to get the perfect one} each day is tricky.  Between work and sleep and homework and hugs and snuggles, well you get the point.

But I did it. A second week of one picture per day.

I hope you like them.

These books are amazing. Truly. I am in love with them.

Best Chocolate Syrup around. Recipe found here.

My 9 year old took a glass blowing class at Christmas time. This is his masterpiece. 
And he won't readily admit it, but yellow (looks orange here) is his favorite color. 
I wonder if his nursery being painted that color has anything to do with it.

My husband hard at work. Math, math, math...always on his brain. 
His students are very lucky to have him as their teacher.

Spiderman and Spiderman are surrounded. Did they get away in the Spidey Car?
We may never know.

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