Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 Tips for Hanging a Gallery Wall and 5 Walls that You are Sure to Love

I love gallery walls. LOVE! 
I have three in my house and am working on a fourth.
Can you say obssessed? 

I'm glad my hubby just rolls with it when I get ready to make another one!

Seven Tips for Gallery Walls:

1. Go for an eclectic look and mismatch the frames.  I like to use white, brown, and black frames together or art with photos. There is usually a constant in each gallery (like all black and white pictures with mixed frames). Or maybe you just want to use a collection instead of picture frames.

2. Put the frames on the floor and make a few Miner adjustments by moving them around, so they fit together before hanging them.

3. There is no need to measure the space in between the frames. I have a freaky eye thing where I can get them pretty much equal distance apart without measuring. Just do what feels right.

4. Hang the frames with 3M Command strips...they hold well and keep the frames straight.

My boys are like a herd of elephants running through the house (I said no running in the house!). They would never stay straight on nails.

5. If you are mixing and matching frame colors make sure there is at least one group in an odd balances out the collection.

Dining Room

6. Put them on a wall that is off the beaten path in your home. I would get bored with them if I had to constantly see the gallery.

FROG - Family Room Over Garage

7.  The frames do not need to make straight lines all the way around.

I am a symmetrical person, but not when it comes to my gallery walls. Weird, huh?


  1. Hi I found you over "sew much ado", Love your galleries. I've been wanting to do one for the dining and one for the family room. This will motivate me. Most of my arts are large so I'm still collecting frames.

  2. Thank you! I am so glad that you like them.
    Might I suggest that even though you are still collecting large frames, maybe you start now. If you have an odd number of frames you could put them up and continue to add to the wall. Plus if you use the 3M command strips, moving them around would be super holes. Just an idea!

  3. Great tips!! I love the alphabet gallery wall. Would look great in a nursery!

    1. Thank you, I am just seeing this now (sorry).

  4. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!! I LOVE THIS PROJECT..I am going to try recreating this for my home.I can't wait to do it.
    3m command & Dip Sets


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