Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Pop of Color

I have been hearing "add a pop of color" since the days of Trading Spaces.  Remember that show...oh how I loved Ty Pennington (sigh).

Last summer, I repainted the living room and I was looking for a dresser to use under my TV.  

{Who says a dresser should only be in a bedroom?} This piece was too heavy and dark. 

One day at a garage sale across the street from my house, I found a fabulous dresser for only $20!

And it is solid wood! Who knew you could find treasures so close to home?

Unfortunately, that dresser needed a few Miner major adjustments.

Orange, chipped, and dusty wasn't working for us.

The hubs was skeptical, but stayed out of my way and let me get to work.

He even took the kids to the park to let me that man!

I worked on this beauty all summer.  Yep...all summer!  I took my time.  I have had too many painting projects chip b.c I was impatient.  

I sanded it, primed it, and waited.  Then I painted it, and painted it and painted it again...all with long wait times in between. When I was finished painting I sprayed it with clear polyurethane. 

I left the bottom black and chipped.  I liked the charm of that. Something was missing though.  

Then it hit me... STRIPES! Of course, I have never met a stripe that I didn't like.

Love those crystal knobs! The cords are better organized now.
I thought it was finished, but something was still missing.

So I thought and thought and then went into the bathroom and thought some more. I get all my best ideas in the bathroom. Doesn't everyone?

My cricut! That's what's missing....vinyl.   

I got cutting and now, it looks like this...

I bet you are thinking...but it's white! What about the pop of color? 

Well, take a look inside.

My then 5 year old painted the inside of the drawers. Love those Little Painters.  

OK, I fixed the drips, but he did most of the work.

Now every time I get the remote out, because you know it gets put back in its place every single time {eye-roll}, I get an apple green pop of color!

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  1. I love the numbers on the dresser. so cute!
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    1. Thank you, Jocie! I am sorry that I am just seeing this now!

  2. Such a great job! I love it!


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