Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project: Fun-oodle Target

I love fun-oodles!  They scream, “Let’s play in the pool!” (Well, they don't scream that. If you ever find a fun-oodle that screams...call me!) So I decided to make a little project that I found online, with a few Miner adjustments and it only cost $10!

What you need
6 Fun-oodles
Cardboard (I bet you could find a pizza box in the recycling that would work)
Duct Tape (there are really great colors out there)
Dowel Rods that fit in the noodle holes

Step 1
Cut up some cardboard and fit it into the end of one noodle.

Get a cute assistant
Step 2
Fit the other end of the noodle over the cardboard that is sticking out.

Step 3
Fit the noodle ends together and tape it closed with the tape.

Step 4
Repeat steps 1-3 for 3 more noodles.

Step 5
Line up the tape for each round noodle and then tape them together

Step 6
Take the 2 remaining noodles and tape them to the outer edges of the round noodles to make the poles. 

Step 7
Put dowel rods into the holes of the pole noodles and stick them into the ground for target practice!

Target game shot

Unfortunately it has been rainy here, so we haven't had a chance to set it up yet. We have used it in the house with our dart guns though...super fun! Can't wait to get playing with it outside!

Happy Target Practice!


  1. That does look fun! My kids would love coming up with ideas to use the noodle rings. Be sure to stop back to my blog and enter my giveaway! http://hydrangeasandharmony.blogspot.com/2012/07/trying-digital-scrapbooking-and-great.html


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