Monday, July 9, 2012

Making a Blog Button using a Photograph

Shrink it, Shrink it Real Good

I am so thrilled with myself. I have to toot my own horn. "Toot Toot!" I just created my own blog button (it's on the sidebar to the right)! I consider myself pretty tech savy, but when it comes to HTML, I have no clue. And I am sure that to a lot of you, like me, it is a foreign language.  But I was determined to make my own blog button.  So I googled "How to Make a Blog Button for Blogger."

And these easy steps came up from WikiHowIt includes the code that you will need for the button.  Phew! I didn't have to think about that!

So if the instructions are all right there on  WikiHow , why am I blogging about this?

I needed a picture and I have no clue how to make graphics, so I decided to use a family photo that I love.

But it needs to be shrunk down to 125 x 125 in order to fit.  How do I do that? I don't have Photoshop

So I went to my favorite FREE photo editing site PicMonkey

Here are the steps to making a few Miner adjustments to your picture.

Image taken by Ashley Brown Photography

Step 1:
Click on EDIT A PHOTO. Upload the photo you want to use.

Step 2:
Crop the photo to your liking.

Click on RESIZE and type in 125 x 125 and save. (Shrink it! Shrink it real good).

Step 4:
Then you can have the far left side there are icons that help you add text or frames or color. 

Step 5:
Save this to your desktop or somewhere easy to find on your computer.

Step 6:
Upload this photo to photobucket (This is a step from the WikiHow article).
You will have to make an account if you don't already have one. It is totally worth it.  I tried using picassa web albums and Shutterfly, but neither of them worked for this.

Step 7:
Once you have uploaded this new photo to photobucket, click SHARE.
Then click on GET LINK CODE.

For the code under HTML for "websites and blogs", right click and copy the code for FULL SIZE.

This is the web address you will put in the HTML code from the WikiHow article.

Follow the wikihow steps precisely and you will have a created a blog button! What an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

Hopefully, I just saved you 2 hours!



  1. Hooray for you!! It looks great! I have to admit, my son did mine for me. I am going to share this with someone who asked me about this very thing!! BTW, found you on Reasons to skip the house work. I am following you and hope you'll check my blog out and follow me back!

  2. Sylvia,
    Thank you! I was so proud of myself. It wasn't easy, that is for sure. So I hope your friend finds these instructions helpful!

    I will definitely check your blog out.

  3. This was super helpful! but I think I did something wrong, the picture for the button isn't showing. Did this happen to you? I followed all the instructions. But don't know what I did wrong.

    1. Hi! I am going to try to go through the steps again and see if something is not working. I have been meaning to update my button anyway. So I will get back to you about this. No picture showing up didn't happen to me though.


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